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Mobile Development

We believe in native monolithic mobile applications and that one size can not fit all, and that's why we build native iOS and Android applications in Objective-C, Swift and Java.

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Web Development

No mater if you need a small web app, simple API service or a complete platform, we got you covered. Either with consulting or development, we can help you deliver your idea.

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Analytics & Audit

You can't fix problem if you don't know that the problem exists and where it is. System audit, analytics and documentation are grounds for building a healthy IT system.

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If you need or have a network, we have expertise to make it work properly and secure.

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We are here for all kind of ideas that you might have and want to realize in IT world, no matter how big or small are they.

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We can help you set up routines and processes for maintaining your network and systems secure and safe.

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